15 November - Shared Value Pitch Day

Time (SGT) Agenda
1300 - 1305
Opening Address
1305 - 1425
Top 6 Singtel Group Future Makers Start-up Live Pitch

Agnos Health (Thailand, Supported by AIS)

A health companion that uses advanced AI technology to analyse the patient’s symptom along with their risk profile to provide appropriate health recommendation.

Bunkerfit (India, Supported by Airtel) 

India's only all in one, vernacular Health & Wellness platform. Using proprietary delivery mechanism combined with data science, it aims to guide each user to their individual fitness goal on both physical & mental wellness. 

givvable (Australia, Supported by Optus) 

givvable makes it easy for businesses to search, track & verify the sustainability, social & diversity credentials of suppliers.

KodeGo (Philippines, Supported by Globe) 

A coding bootcamp that gives a chance to young Filipinos interested in learning coding to empower themselves into a promising tech career regardless of their social background. 

Medis Online Indonesia (Indonesia, Supported by Telkomsel) 

A mobile application that offers easy access to professional medical services from nurses and midwives at home or as hospital companions.

Senzehub (Singapore, Supported by Singtel) 

Developed a vital signs wearable which flags early warning of condition deterioration of seniors and patients which otherwise goes unnoticed. 

1425 - 1445
Insights on Creating Shared Value Partnerships for Collective Impact

Featuring social impact practitioner with tri-sector experience and BagoSphere (SGFM Alumni 2017)
1445 - 1500
Award Winners

8 October – Singtel Group Future Makers Virtual Expo

Time (SGT) Agenda Speaker
1000 - 1010
Aileen Tan, Group Chief People and Sustainability Officer, Singtel Group
1010 - 1100
Key representatives from Optus, AIS, Airtel, Globe, Telkomsel

Moderated by Andrew Buay, Vice President, Group Sustainability, Singtel and Optus
1100 - 1130
1130 - 1300
Botika (Indonesia)
Jagel.id (Indonesia)
Benta (Philippines)
iNON IT Solutions (Philippines)
Local Alike (Thailand)
givvable (Australia)
1300 - 1315
1315 - 1515
KodeGo (Philippines)
Tictag (Singapore)
AIBLE (Australia)
EdVenture (Philippines)
Vulcan Coalition (Thailand)
Bunkerfit (India)
Genfosis (Thailand)
Ibunda.id (Indonesia)
1515 - 1530
1530 - 1700
Medis Online Indonesia (Indonesia)
Agnos Health (Thailand)
Maslow (Australia)
Senzehub (Singapore)
XCLR8 Technologies (Singapore)
Aevice Health (Singapore)